The global car-sharing market is fragmented

Car providers are competing with each other when they could be cooperating to get the public get from A to B.

That’s where Shareit comes in

With our matchmaking platform we bring traditional car providers face to face with consumers and peer-to-peer cars. We handle the payment process and make it easy for you to earn just by being listed.


Give your existing customers even more choice

Your customers want flexible mobility options and integrated public and private transport. With Shareit’s matchmaking platform car users get access to greater choice and more flexibility when they need it most. You can be part of the solution.

Be part of a revolution in on-demand mobility

The lines between public and private transport are blurring as the public demand even more from their travel arrangements. With Shareit your car fits seamlessly into a route planner and provides a genuine and easily bookable alternative for commuters.

Reach people who aren’t yet your customers

The biggest advantage of joining Shareit’s integrated car services platform is getting your car in front of many new potential customers. Imagine you’re trying to sell your car but no one’s interested. By listing it on Shareit you get a new audience and you earn money while waiting for the sale.

Make money as part of multi-modal transport network

Shareit is at the forefront of a new smart system of transport interconnectedness. By bringing together journey planners, city authorities, car rental companies and lift-sharing, consumers get the best of all worlds and you make more money by showing up in more places at once.

Allow people to test drive your car as part of daily life

By listing on an established car sharing platform you dramatically increase your exposure to different types of car owners and users. Instead of people coming to you to test drive your latest model you earn money while simultaneously giving potential car owners a taste of your car brand.


Shareit offers a win-win scenario for all players because we provide a platform for utilizing existing resources more efficiently. Sales through Shareit don't negatively impact existing sources of income; they're additional and complementary income streams. We see the majority of businesses benefiting from our model and negative impact will only be felt by those that refuse to adapt to the changes brought about by digitalization; the same changes we are embracing.



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