Providing smart mobility solutions for operators in sharing economy

Get more renters through the collaborator network

Sharing economy operators spend a lot of time and money on getting visibility and to become profitable, which requires a large number of cars, renters and transactions. One of the biggest problems is that the market is very fragmented because all of the operators are working alone.

We have finally created a solution for that. Shareit is building a network of marketplaces, maas operators, search engines and carsharing operators. Anyone can easily get their cars listed on multiple places just with one integration. Shareit is built on Open API standards.

The services and projects

Blox Car
The peer-to-peer carsharing service

The P2P car renting platform Blox Car has quickly grown into an ‘Airbnb for cars’ providing rental cars all over Finland. Now anyone can rent out their own cars easily and safely – or get a car from nearby.

For consumers, Blox Car is a smart way of using a car and for car owners a sustainable way to keep their car. One shared car can replace over ten privately owned cars.

Visit Blox Car at

The carsharing widget
A plug & play tool to list local shared cars on your site

Shareit newly launched an out-the-box tool to list shared cars on any web page. The widget is a simple bit of code that can be added by anyone to any existing web page.

Shareit is currently piloting the widget with Blox Car. Later any caroperator can list their cars throught the widget.

The widget is free and you can add it to any page with this code:

 <iframe src="" height="600" width="500"></iframe>
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Nominated The Best Mobile Service Supporting Sustainable Development in Finland 2018 at Slush.

First tailor-made insurance products for P2P car sharing in the Nordics together with the insurance company If.

Listed as one of the most promising companies in the circular economy since 2016 by the State Innovation Fund SITRA.

Winner of SITRA’s contest for startups, leading to cooperation with 2018.

Winner of Place of experiment by the Prime Minister’s Office, leading to cooperation with the city of Lappeenranta 2017.

Business Finland’s funding 2017–2018, with new knowledge towards connecting P2P car sharing with the public transport system.

AIKO Funding by the Growth Corridor Finland’s Sustainable mobility services programme 2017–2019.

Our partners

Trust as a service

Shareit is developing a groundbreaking and unparalleled feature of trust. Trust is built with the Shareit-ID, easily explained and communicated within the app based on information that the users have given and the service has verified.

The star, level and review ratings get a completely new meaning and tell you all you need to know to safely transact, exchange and settle. There has never been a more reliable and easier way to earn trust.

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Would you like to cooperate?

Our core focus is to build a network of cooperators. We strongly believe that cooperation is the only way to make sharing economy a success.

Do you have cars you would like to share and get easily visible everywhere? Or perhaps you have a marketplace or a search enginge where you would like to list shared cars?

Let’s build the future mobility together. Get in touch!

The company

Shareit.Global Oy is a Finnish startup founded in 2015 focussing on smart mobility solutions. The goal of Shareit is to solve the challenges of mobility in a sustainable way and that’s why the sharing economy business models have become the basic pillars of the company.

The team

Kaius Häggblom


Rafael Lehmann

CBDO | Product owner | Co-Founder

Janika Öhman

COO | Customer service manager | HR

Minh Hoang

Front-End Developer

Jimi Pajala

Front-End Developer

Georg Wrede

Back-End Developer

Konsta Lehikoinen

Content producer | Customer service

Ilkka Iijalainen

Analytics | Customer service