A trust-as-a-service ecosystem

The safest way for consumers to share their data

What is SID

Trust management tool
A service that lets people decide who can manage their data

The fast growing sharing economy market is filled with online services in which both private people and companies can rent or sell assets. This always involves a certain amount of risk because of the uncertainty of the other parties’ identities.

Most marketplaces would benefit from risk management tools in order to let the actors choose at what level of trust to transact. After repeatedly stumbling on these issues we decided to tackle them by building a trust-as-a-service ecosystem.

Shareit ID, also known as SID, establishes trust between actors in digital marketplaces. SID is easy to use and to integrate with existing services.

Single sign-on
Let's people use their trust account as main login tool

SID makes it easy to sign or log in to multiple services with just one account.

Trust management tool
A service that lets people decide who can manage their data

Let your users be anonymous. Just use the trust indicator API to find out if they are trustworthy.

A free service built on open data standards
Openness builds trust, therefore SID is built with both open interfaces, standards and source.

How trust is built

Strongly authenticated
The more authenticated the higher trust level

SID supports all the major strong authentication technologies available.

Decide required trust level
Decide how strongly your customers need to be authenticated.

As a company you can decide what level of trust your customers need to use your services.

Consumers control their data
No GDPR related issues.

In compliance with GDPR, SID empowers the consumers to control their own data. They can manage their data and consents and see which services are uses the data.

Even consumers can benefit from SID

SID is free for consumers and they even have a possibility to earn by using it. SID capitalizes the data, so the more information the consumer shares the more the consumer earns. The service is a win-win for all parties’.

Would you like to cooperate?

Our core focus is to build a network of cooperators. We strongly believe that cooperation is the only way to make sharing economy a success.

Do you have cars you would like to share and get easily visible everywhere? Or perhaps you have a marketplace or a search enginge where you would like to list shared cars?

Let’s build the future mobility together. Get in touch!